Draft CFDE Mini-Grant Proposal

I propose to use $300 from a Center for Faculty Development and Excellence Classroom Mini-Grant to fund a local expert to come talk to my English 101: Writing About Science and Medicine class. One of the main goals of my class is to help students understand how to put their own research and ideas into conversation with a broader audience. Our culminating project, for instance, involves “translating” a more traditional research paper into a creative, potentially multi-modal final project that will be targeted to an audience beyond the class–whether the student population of Emory, an Atlanta agency, or a particular set of internet users–and then actually distributed or proposed to that audience. So, it would be of immense value for my students to engage with a voice beyond the classroom. I would love to bring in someone like Atlanta-based scholar Margaret Price, who works on access and disability (both of which are course topics) in digital contexts (which would engage our Domain of One’s Own goals). Alternatively, bringing in someone working for an Atlanta-based publication or science outreach program would also help broaden students’ contexts to think a about communicating science and medicine.

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  1. You’ve done a nice job showing how a guest speaker would benefit your course. When you submit the proposal, make sure to specify the exact speaker you want to invite and how you’ve already incorporated something from that person (reading, students writing for that person’s organization, etc.) in your course.

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